How we work

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, we can work out the best way to work together.

We have a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) remuneration model, which means that we’re paid on performance. The way this works is that we invest the media spend ourselves, and only charge our clients when we deliver something tangible in return: be it a sale, a lead or a click.

It’s a completely risk-free model for clients and our willingness to tie our remuneration directly to your success shows how confident we are in our ability to deliver. We’ve operated on this model since we started in 2004 as a Paid Search Affiliate.

But this type of remuneration model doesn’t suit everyone and every situation. So, we’re equally happy to work on a Management Fee model and anything in between.

Before we do anything, we’ll sit down together and discuss your paid search marketing objectives on a free consultation basis. It’s through these meetings that we’ll work together to identify which model will best suit your individual needs. Once we’ve agreed objectives, we’ll map out a campaign plan for you to approve and set targets that we’ll aim to achieve – and beat.