Other Services

Whilst paid search marketing is our area of specialisation, we do offer a wide range of other online services as well.

These services can be successfully incorporated into your online marketing to add value to your campaigns.

Social Media

Social Media offers unique potential for developing brand recognition and awareness as well as acquiring new customers. Facebook is an exciting new channel for brands: the huge increases in traffic, and the potential of the advertising platform to deliver highly targeted demographic campaigns – makes this a medium you just shouldn’t ignore.

We’ve been active on Facebook Advertising for over 2 years with our clients. We know what works, what doesn’t and we’ve gathered real insights. And we’ve developed tools within our technology platform ‘Mercury’ to help us create and manage successful campaigns. Using the power of Facebook Apps, we can capture new customer information within the Facebook environment and stimulate viral marketing.

Media Planning Insight

We’re analysts at heart, and love data. We provide our clients with valuable insight into the different elements of the online marketing mix, and how (and what) they are contributing to their brand’s performance. We analyse historic data across Paid Search Marketing, SEO, and other channels to support the media planning process in identifying how best to use which channel and when.


We publish websites for specific sectors which we design and manage. This gives clients the option of working with us to drive incremental traffic and sales via these sites. Come and talk to us to find out more.